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Welcome to Húsey

Húsey is 56 km north of Egilsstaðir, located between 2 rivers; Jökulsá á Brú and the glacial river Lagarfljót. Húsey offers wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and opportunities to experience Iceland‘s unspoiled nature.

Riding tours

Regular riding tours of 2 hours are planned daily at 10:00hrs and 17:00hrs during the high season (from May to September). Longer tours of 4 hours and a 2 days trek can be booked in advance.

The short tours are an ideal opportunity for beginners as well as advanced riders to experience a ride on a patient Icelandic horse (with a guide of course) and enjoy the best places for watching seals.

The amazing surroundings of Húsey

Húsey is a Paradise for Nature Lovers.
Moorland, black sands along the rivers and panoramic views of the mountains.

The vegetation is varied

About 170 different types of plants can be found in the area around Húsey.

Húsey also offers a very special natural spectacle: seals that can be watched in their natural habitat.

Expect a limited WiFi connection

But plenty of peaceful quality time to enjoy endless days with nature.

Húsey is off the beaten tourist track, which is why you can enjoy almost complete peace and quiet and absorb the land and nature- both during the day or the light summer night.

You will find that you are in close contact with nature.

In Spring and Autumn the Reindeers come close to the Farm.


A place to unwind

Húsey Youth Hostel is at the end of a long and winding gravel road (30 km from main road 1). The Hostel, in the renovated „Old Farm House“ has colourful decor and retains many of the original characteristics. The basic accommodation includes a sitting room, sun lounge, kitchen, private and dormatory accommodation and shared bathrooms. The original steep staircase leads to the first floor.

19 beds are available (4X2 persons rooms, 2X4 persons rooms, 1X3 persons room).

Book your stay

To book a tour please contact us directly.

To book your stay please contact us or via Hostelling International.
We look forward to seeing you at Húsey.

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Accommodation open from 1st April to the 1st November.
Riding tours from 15th May to the 15th September.
Húsey, 701 Egilsstaðir
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