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Holiday with the Icelandic Horse includes self-catering accommodation for a week stay (longer or shorter stay available) in our hostel with daily horse riding around Húsey. A made up bed is included in the price. Please bring food for your stay. If you need more groceries you can give us a shopping list or join us for the supermarket in Egilsstaðir. During a week‘s stay one evening you are invited for dinner with the hosts.

A few days on horseback in Húsey can be a wonderful break from a trip around Iceland , but also a quiet finish to an Iceland trip.

Please bring your own riding clothes and boots with you and pay attention to the import regulations regarding what is to be disinfected or new. We can supply you with riding helmets.

During your stay you decide with the hosts how much and when you ride. Usual plan would be that you ride with a guide to start with and when you are confident with the horses and the surroundings you ride independently.

The landscape with its changing moods - the sun-drenched mountains, the cloud drift, the sunset, the mysterious fogs, the midnight sun and the flowering moorland – will inspire you. Enjoy the soft gaits of your Icelandic Horse without pressure of time. Our friendly, curious and willing horses will win your heart with their pleasant and confident character.


Short riding tours are offered daily from May to September. Daily departures at 10:00am and 17:00pm. This trip takes about 2 hours. Before each tour begins guests are given instructions on how to handle the horse and become the friend of the horse. The whole group begins the tour together but is then split up, depending on the rider‘s ability. This tour is ideal for either beginners or experienced riders.


This 4 hour riding tour is a perfect opportunity for experienced riders to enjoy our great Icelandic Horses and the peaceful landscape. The tour will take us along the glacier rivers bordering Húsey with panoramic view of the mountains. Depending on the time of the year, this area offers a habitat to many plant and animal species, in particular birds, seals and even reindeer.


This two day riding tour is the golden opportunity to enjoy the landscape of east Iceland. Not suitable for beginners.

Arrive at Húsey the day before departure.

Day one: In the morning the guest will become familiar with the two allocated horses before starting the tour. If the guest is not able to take a hand-horse a guide will help. This day covers around 34km through moorland and rocky areas with panoramic view of the mountains. Half way stop is made at the local church Kirkjubær and we end with a visit to the old turf farmhouse at Galtastaðir before being taken back to Húsey by car.

Day two:By car, before finding the awaiting horses, the guest can visit a replica of a turf church from Viking time around 940. On this day the ride is around 36km, through the wild, quiet and peaceful landscape far away from trivial life. For part of the way we follow the old post way along the river Jökulsá á Brú back to Húsey.
    • Seal watching on horseback
      (2 hours). Daily at 10am and 5pm from Húsey (guest must arrive ½ hour before)
      9.000 ISK
    • Riding tour along the rivers Lagarfljót and Jökulsá (4 hours)
      19.365 ISK
    • Trek – 2 days tour to Galtastaðir farm
      54.280 ISK

    Holiday with the Icelandic Horse:
    • 5th – 25 June
      • One week - 87.100 ISK
      • Second week - 79.100 ISK

    • 26th June – 19th of August
      • One week - 107.500 ISK
      • Second week - 99.500 ISK

    • 20th August – 15th September
      • One week - 87.100 ISK
      • Second week - 79.100 ISK

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